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Sunset at Sarasin Bridge between Phuket and Phang Nga

Sunset from Sarasin Bridge Phuket

The Sarasin Bridge joins Phuket island to the mainland. It's only a few hundred meters away. Until 1967 there was no bridge, now there are 3! The first bridge was the only one until about 15 years ago. A second bridge meant there could be a bridge for traffic going each way. And then a 3rd bridge was built to replace the original, so we now have 2 bridges for traffic, while the old 1967 bridge was made into a pedestrian bridge. More info on the Phuket Blog - see The Phuket Sarasin Bridge.

This photo was taken in April 2013 looking west from the bridge with a zoom lens. Nice place to be for sunset. There are food and drink stalls and many people come for evening walks at the bridge.

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Sunset at Sarasin Bridge between Phuket and Phang Nga

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